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Thank you so much for 1,000+ followers! I never thought, that I can reach such huge number. So, thank you all for that! I drew some of you, sorry to them, which I didn’t draw, but I’m thankful for every single follower that I have! <3

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thanks for help x

Gratz! ;)

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Happy Hearth’s Warming and whatever you celebrate! ;)

This pic is way too big for tumblr, but you can take a closer look on my dA:

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Now kiss! 

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"Be nice to me, I gave blood today"

I have just gotten home from donating blood and I feel absolutely amazing about it, I seriously suggest that everyone should follow in my example of generosity. I am extremely happy in the knowledge that my blood will be used to save someone’s life.

I will agree that this is my first time doing this, I did feel very nervous throughout but the staff were extremely selfless and were very good at keeping my worries at ease. I will surely be doing this generous act again as soon as I can.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in donating blood as well then go to the ‘Blood’ website and check to see if there is a donation centre near you :)

To make it easier for you the link to the website is here:

Reblogging to support a good cause. Hope we find a way to make synthetic blood sooner than later though.

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